Canadian landscape artist Noemie L. Cote


Looking at a piece by the international award winning artist Noemie L. Cote, you are at once hit by the sugar-pop of colour that reimagines the landscapes she brings to life on canvas. It’s hard not to be swept along in the bounce of her impasto painted strokes and moved by the sheer joy that emanates from her work.

Noémie specializes in vibrant open-impressionist landscapes that capture the essence of a scene, breathes new life into it and leaves the observer uplifted. It’s as if her mind were a prism that takes in the white light that she sees and disperses the component colours on the rolling hills or through the branches of a tree. This gives her work the quality of blown glass where colours play off each other and come together as a whole to define the feeling of a scene.

Noémie’s love of nature was ignited by her early years living in Africa. As a french speaking 9-year-old thrust into an english speaking culture, she spent a lot of time observing and taking in the beauty surrounding her. She studied the delicate shades of rose bushes, the large Acadia gum tree in her backyard, the firey red and orange sunsets, the beautiful people and exotic wildlife. Her initial painting lessons were taught by one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated painters. 

Returning to Canada at the age of 13, she fell in love with the ever-changing seasons, the contrast of lush vibrant colours, and the stillness of snowy scenes. Forging her emerging talent, she auditioned for the prestigious visual arts program at Canterbury Arts High School winning a four  year scholarship. Noemie thrived in this intensive art program and graduated with honours. Knowing that art was a cornerstone to her professional satisfaction, she translated her art into a celebrated 23 year career in graphic design. 

Not content to limit her creative expression to graphic design, Noemie continued to develop her proficiency in sculpture, life drawing and oil painting parallel to her career. From this 23 year exploration of artistic form the most true expression of her artistry and herself emerged into open-impressionist landscape painting. 

In contrast to the chaos and harshness of daily life, Noemie finds solace in bringing nature’s soothing, grounding and effortless beauty to canvas. These days you can find her, hair wildly blowing, plein-air painting on the boardwalk of mer bleue bog, snapping pictures in her sneakers of the morning light falling across the treed hills of Gatineau Park, or capturing the straight rows of grapevines contrasted with the wild flowers of Leystone Vineyard, where she is an artist in residence. 

Her full-time studio is in the heart of Canada’s capital, Ottawa and her work is currently being featured in the Koyman Galleries, Butter Gallery and you will find the greatest collection of her most recent paintings on her website.

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  • Fine Arts 2000      Fine Arts program of Canterbury High School (graduated with honours)
  • Ceramics 2004      BFA in Ceramics at the Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Workshops 2019-22      Gordon Harrison, Brian Buckwell and Topher Straus



    • 2024-04 SCA Open International Online Juried Exhibition - Won the Artistic Expression Award - Society of Canadian Artists
    • 2024-03 Canadian Blood Services, group exhibition, Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2024-03 Galerie Old Chelsea, solo guest exhibition “Nature’s Canvas”, Chelsea Quebec
    • 2023-11 NOIR Art Festival, exhibitor in Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2023-10 Kingston Square Foot Show, online & in-person juried art show
    • 2023-09 Petite Art Show, juried online art show
    • 2023-09 Butter Gallery - 3 x 3 Show - Group show, Collingwood, Ontario
    • 2023-07 TOAF - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, juried art exhibition
    • 2023-06 The New Art Festival - juried outdoor art fair, Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2023-04 Artist Project - juried in-door art fair, Toronto, Ontario
    • 2023-03 Artwk March Group Show - juried online art show
    • 2023-02 Square Foot Show - juried online art show
    • 2023-01 Annual Juried Art Exhibition - Cline House Gallery
    • 2022-2023 Flora and Wine, PAINTING 2022 - John B. Aird Gallery at airdgallery.org/publications
    • 2022 Holiday Exhibition of Smalls - Koyman Galleries, Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2022 Merry Mini Holiday Show - Cline House Gallery, Cornwall, Ontario
    • 2022 Annual Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Show, online exhibition at artwrk.ca
    • 2022 Mastrius Christmas Art Show, online exhibition at mastrius.com
    • 2022 Sunset Calm, 2022 LIMITLESS Exhibition - Federation of Canadian Artists at federationgallery.com
    • 2022 Kingston's Square Foot Show - Tett Centre, Kingston, Ontario
    • 2022 Capturing Joy: A Gatineau Park Experience, Roberto Romana, Chelsea, Quebec (Solo)
    • 2022 Leystone Lemonade: Vineyard Collection, Koyman Galleries, Ottawa, Ontario (Solo)
    • 2021 Mer Bleue Bog, Holiday Gift Guide, online exhibition at artwrk.ca
    • 2021 Verdant Green Forest Collection, Fresh Emerging Art Show, online exhibition at artwrk.ca
    • 2021 Brilliance of the 1000 Islands, OD Fine Arts Event, Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2021 /'LAN(D),SKĀP/: Contemporary Landscape Views, Esperanto Gallery & Studios Inc., Markham, Ontario
    • 2021 Dreamy Clouds, Arteast Mosaic 2021, Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2020 Summer Storm, CAPRAC Gallery Holiday Arts, CAPRAC, Prescott-Russell Arts Council, Ontario
    • 2020 Lac Fortune in Fall, Arteast Awards Exhibition, Shenkman Arts Centre Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2019 Bold Mountains, Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition, Shenkman Arts Centre Ottawa, Ontario 
    • 2017 “Canterbury High School Fine Arts graduates” Arts Court, Ottawa, Ontario
    • 2016 “Canterbury High School Ceramics” Global Affairs, Ottawa, Ontario



    • 2023-2024 The Cline House Gallery, various one-day landscape oil painting workshops
    • 2023-2024 Self Promoted one day workshop for varies landscape oil painting workshops
    • 2023-2024 Bold School, Bold Color Landscape Online Art Class 
    • 2023-01 Koyman Galleries, two-day workshop Landscapes Painting in Oils
    • 2022-05 Artodigy, Colorful landscapes in oil workshop at boldschool.com/bold-landscapes



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      • 2024-01 Circle Quarterly Art Review, Winter 2024 Magazine #10, Featured painting “Serenity” - An Examination of Current Trends & Original Practices in Visual Art
      • 2022-09 The Corking and Uncorking of Nurture, The Equity newspaper
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      2021-2022 Leystone Farms